Sunday, September 10, 2006

Clip guaranteed to make your brain feel like Jell-O

Found through the comments section on Jog's blog here's a 1988 CBC report on "adult comics. Not unlike '50s social engineering films, this thirteen minute report is filled with ironic chuckles. A father frazzled by Green Arrow, Chester Brown not exactly coming off as the best voice for comic book creators and the entire sensationalistic view point of the piece left me with a loss for words.

I do have one question (and I know the comments section isn't working for everyone so if you know the answer and can't comment please e-mail me), does Canada have a version of the ACLU that fights censorship? The reporter in the clip didn't have a shortage of citizens with their own groups ready to take action against what they deem as pornographic or hateful but the voice for comics was made up of retailers and creators. A group like the ACLU and CBLDF that defends artists and retailers against such accusations, not to mention some of the legislation that was being discussed, was never represented. Did such a group exist when this report was made and the CBC just figured an informed and rational voice for freedom of speech wasn't worth talking to? It's not hard to believe.

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